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How to get International Driving License Online

Do you want to take your travels to the next level and explore foreign countries at your own pace? Obtaining an International Driving License can help turn that dream into a reality! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all of the information needed regarding getting and using an international driving license online so as to give yourself peace of mind when taking on those long drives.

Short Summary

  • International Driving License is a document based on United Nations conventions accepted in many countries.
  • Benefits include assurance of being legally able to drive abroad, ability to rent cars and better communication with local authorities.
  • Can be obtained online. Valid for up to 3 years in over 150 countries and accepted by most car rental companies & insurance providers.
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Understanding the International Driving License

A Driving Permit that is Internationally accepted, also known as the International Driving Document or IDL (International Driver’s License), allows a driver to drive legally in many countries around the world. This document translates your domestic driving license into 12 commonly used languages for easy translation and cross-cultural communication when you are abroad. The permit itself has been produced based on United Nations conventions and road traffic regulations meaning it can be utilized globally with ease.

Your international driving record assists by accompanying your local licensing credentials so that no matter what country you visit, your identity will not need extra verification – enabling a smoother travel experience for all involved!

Benefits of an International Driver’s License

An International Driver’s License can be a useful asset when traveling overseas. It gives you the peace of mind to know that you’re abiding by international laws and allows for rental cars from foreign car hire agencies with its recognition in many different countries across the globe. A valid national driving license combined with an international driving permit idp internationally accepted permit is all it takes!

What makes this type of license even better is that it provides smooth communication between yourself, local authorities, and any foreign car rental service by offering multiple language translations on your documentations – making the journey hassle-free and much more enjoyable knowing everything is legitimate.

Additionally, when you rent abroad, you can rest assured knowing that some companies are more likely to trust people who have an international driving or international driver’s permit than just a regular national one, so having both ready will stand you in good stead during travel or driving abroad.

United Nations and Road Traffic Regulations

The United Nations has taken important steps to ensure road safety on a global scale by endorsing the UN Road Safety Strategy and its subordinate convention, the Convention of Road Traffic. This treaty works towards providing standard regulations for travelling between countries which are parties to it and makes acquiring an International Driving License necessary in order to drive legally when outside one’s own country. Such licenses that comply with this international agreement can be accepted across many nations, enabling you to feel safe behind the wheel no matter your destination!

How to Obtain an International Driving License Online

To obtain an International Driving Permit, it’s necessary to make sure that the website offering this service is reliable and valid. The most reliable way of getting your IDP (International Driver Permit) would be from the motor vehicle department in the same country from where you received your driver license. When doing so, fill out a web application form including data such as personal information, like signature and color photograph, along with a copy of your legitimate state-issued driving permit. After submitting these documents online correctly, then gaining access to an international license will occur soon after without hassle or complication.

Required Documents and Information

When you apply for an International Driving License, it is essential to have the required documents and information ready. You will need to upload a copy of your national driving license along with a recent colored photograph plus signature that must coincide with categories indicated on your driving permit application form. Make sure the image uploaded of your driver’s license is clear and legible. Also provide them with a delivery address so they can ship out this document right away.

Application Process and Fees

To obtain an International Driving License, the process is simple. All you have to do is complete the online application form with all required documents and submit it. Shipping charges may vary depending on where it needs to be sent, how long processing takes, etc., so we suggest that customers review applicable prices before proceeding with any orders. Speaking of which, a 1-year license costs $39.99. For 2 years – $54.99. 3 years -$69. Payments can be made by credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts and if using another person’s card, they must authorize payment of this first via email providing details about their account information as requested.

Validity and Usage of International Driving Licenses

Having an International Driving License makes it possible to legally drive in more than 150 countries around the world. One must have their driver’s license issued national driving license and a valid passport at all times. When hiring a car with an international permit, some automobile rental companies may require additional documents such as evidence of insurance, so best make sure you know what is needed prior to beginning your journey.

Recognized Countries

Your International Driving License is a great travel companion since it’s accepted in multiple countries, with the exception of Brazil and Uruguay. All member nations to the UN Convention on Road Traffic have validated this international drivers license online permitting you to drive legally all around South America as well as many English-speaking European regions such as England, Wales, Ireland plus Northern Ireland.

It’s always recommended that prior to your voyage abroad one verifies any country specific criteria needed for successful travelling experience. This will ensure smooth sailing no matter what nation holds your destination city! The credentials issued by International Driving Licenses are recognized worldwide so be sure to carry these accompany you wherever you go or park!

Car Rental Companies and Insurance

International Driving Licenses are often accepted by foreign car rental agencies and companies, making it easy for those who want to explore a new place. Most insurance providers also accept such licenses in order to guarantee drivers adequate coverage during their travels abroad.

In case of difficulties or if your International Driving License is not acknowledged as a valid form of documentation at the car rental business, you should get in touch with them and check what other requirements they need. This activity will save time and prevent worries so that all energy can be invested in enjoying the journey thoroughly!

Tips for Driving Abroad with an International Driving License

Having an International Driving License when driving in a different country is beneficial, as long as you follow some essential tips. It’s important to get acquainted with the traffic regulations of your destination so that there aren’t any mix-ups or violations on the part of yourself. Don’t forget to bring both your passport and national driving license for identification purposes. This way, you’ll be prepared if needed and able to make use of them alongside your international driving permits document while navigating foreign countries! By doing all these things, it will allow you hassle free experience during cross-border drives.

Common Misconceptions about International Driving Licenses

It is essential to understand that an International Driving License serves as a supplementary document to a national driving licence, enabling you to drive legally in countries which recognize it. It must be noted that this license does not take the place of your national driving license and both should always be carried together when traveling abroad. While many countries do accept international permits, others like the United States do not provide them for foreign visitors. Researching your destination country’s regulations regarding driver’s licenses or any other related documents before setting off will ensure legal protection when taking on those roads!


Having an International Driving License can open up the world of travel and enable you to explore foreign countries with more certainty. Acquiring one is a straightforward process, just make sure you bring your national driving license as well as passport when using it, familiarizing yourself with regional traffic laws too. The document provides validity while offering freedom to discover new places at your own speed. So what’s stopping you? Get hold of an International Driving License now for that unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries can I drive in with a US license?

If you plan to drive in various countries with English as the official language, such as Canada and Mexico, your U.S. driver’s license and passport should suffice. But for other nations across the globe, it is necessary to obtain an International Driving Permit beforehand if you want to be able to navigate their roads legally. Be sure that before traveling abroad you look into which documentation will be required so that when driving on foreign land everything goes smoothly!

What is an International Driving License?

A document known as an International Driving License is used to enable people who possess only a translation and valid national driving license to drive legally in multiple countries all around the globe.

How do I obtain an International Driving License online?

The process to apply for an international driving license online is easy and straightforward. Start by completing the form, attaching a photo and all necessary documents required and submitting your application. After approval of your request, you will receive a notification with details about how to obtain it in no time!

International drivers are not left behind when looking into getting their licenses – thanks to its simple nature, they can easily jump on board too! Uploading files relevant for this kind of procedure proves that obtaining a valid International Driving License really doesn’t need much effort at all.

In which countries is my International Driving License valid?

Your international driving state issued driver’s license is accepted in more than 150 countries worldwide, including all the nations of South America except Brazil and Uruguay. Such a global recognition enables motorists to take advantage of their valid international driving permit when traveling abroad.

What should I keep in mind when driving abroad with an International Driving License?

When traveling overseas with an International Driving License, it is essential to be familiar with the local laws and regulations. Always bring your national driving, valid driver’s license, and passport along while you are abroad.

It is also important to understand any different rules regarding international drivers in the foreign country that you visit before leaving for your journey so they may be followed correctly once there. It should not only involve researching but also adhering to said policies throughout the duration of stay as well as having a valid driver’s permit on hand at all times just like when behind the wheel domestically.