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How to International Drivers License Application in 2023

Dreaming of a 2023 trip abroad? Planning to drive in another country? Then you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Fear not! I’ll show you how to get one, its perks, and helpful tips.

The United Nations-backed International Driver’s License app now also supports the Inter American Driving Permit, giving you an even cooler global experience. Let’s dive in!

International Drivers License Application

Quick Recap

  • Learn about International Driving Permits and how to apply for an IDP in 2023.
  • An IDP gives you legal driving access in 174 countries, serves as a travel document, and makes car rental easier.
  • You need a U.S. driver’s license, two passport photos, an application form, and a bit of cash. Military personnel & U.S. territories license holders have unique cases.

International Driving Permits 101

To legally drive abroad, you need an IDP – an essential travel buddy. It translates your driver’s license details and helps local authorities understand your credentials. So, let’s learn more about it!

What Is an IDP?

An IDP is like a language genie for your driver’s license. It translates your info into 10 languages, making it useful in many countries that don’t recognize U.S. licenses. You’ll need to also carry your state-issued license when traveling. Get your IDP from the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the AATA. Remember your international driver’s license and car registration proof when driving in foreign lands.

IDP Perks

Having an IDP is like having superpowers. With this document, you can legally drive in 174 countries! Forget extra exams or tiresome paperwork. Renting cars won’t be a headache either – just flash your IDP and you’re set. Think of it as your passport to stress-free driving adventures in different countries.

Are you excited yet? Now let’s explore the simple steps to get that mighty IDP!

Application Process

First, ensure you’re 18 years or older and have a valid U.S. driver’s license. Next, you’ll need a filled-out application form, two passport-sized photos, and a small fee. You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. Easy peasy, right? But wait, will things be the same in 2023? Probably, but always check with AAA or AATA.

Special Cases

If you’re in the military and stationed overseas, different rules apply. So, check with your host base. License holders from U.S. territories may face unique situations, too. Keep in touch with the issuing authority to sort it out.

Getting Your International Driving Permit – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

You want to drive abroad, right? Well, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Don’t worry! I’ll walk you through the process. We’ll talk about paperwork, fees, and how to apply – in-person or by mail. Let’s do this!

The Paperwork You Need

So, you’re wondering what you need for an IDP? Here’s your list:

  1. Your US Driver’s License
  2. Two passport photos
  3. A completed application form

You can grab the form from the AATA or AAA websites. And those passport photos? Make sure they’re clear, with your face fully visible. Fill out the form accurately with up-to-date info. Gather all these things together, and you’ve got a complete application packet. Great job!

Paying for Your IDP

After the paperwork, we need to talk money. It’s the price for going global! The IDP fee is generally around $20. But, don’t guess – check out the exact fee for the country you plan to roam.

What’s cool is, they offer payment options to make this easy: credit card, debit card or PayPal. Whatever works best. Remember – always double-check your information to avoid nasty surprises later on!

Applying for Your IDP: In-Person or By Mail?

Next up, how do you want to submit this paperwork? In person or by mail? Both work!

If you’re the “see-it-done” kind of person, head over to the local AAA. Have your driver’s license, photo, ID card, application form and $20 fee. The friendly staff there will guide you through the steps. You’ll be driving abroad in no time!

On the other hand, maybe you’re already abroad, dreaming of a national driving licence in a new land. No worries! You can send your application by mail. Just post all your documents, along with a self-addressed envelope, right to the AAA/IDP office in Heathrow, FL. From there, relax! You’ll have your shiny new permit soon.

And there you have it! Can’t wait to hear about your overseas driving adventures. Safe travels!

My International Driving Permit Adventure

I gotta know about International Driving Permits (IDP) when traveling. It’s important! IDP rules differ country to country. So, let’s dive into it.

How long is my IDP valid?

Getting an IDP? Choose how long you want it – from one to three years. Remember, always carry your regular driver’s license too; IDPs don’t replace them.

What if I moved or work in another country? Well, learn the local car rules! Each country has their way of handling car registrations and permits. Having an IDP is great for travel, but knowing local stuff is important if you stay longer.

Using my IDP on trips

Leaving your home country? Take your IDP and national driver’s license with you. The IDP helps translate your state driver’s license and info. Show both when asked for proof while driving in other countries.

Still, be aware of special local road laws or habits that might be different. Respect these customs, and you’ll be good on every drive. Have fun traveling the world!

Insurance and Car Rental Considerations

Heading on a road trip in a foreign land? Thrilling! But wait, have you thought about the car rental and insurance details yet? If not, let me take you through this.

I’m a globetrotter, always ready for a thrilling adventure. One thing I never forget? My International Driving Permit (IDP). It’s essential for driving outside the home turf, as important as the next move in a chess game. Let’s board this exciting trip where we’ll talk about insurance and all the must-dos for car rentals.

Insurance Overseas

While visiting foreign lands, I make sure not to rely entirely on U.S. car insurance. It’s generally no help, except in Canada or Mexico. So, what is the way out? Enter the realm of travel, auto, and car rental insurance. Here’s a tidbit from my travels: Opt for international car insurance, perfect for explorers like us. But remember, duration matters. Consider the length of your stay.

What about credit cards, you ask? Oh, certain ones offer rental car coverage as a cute bonus. But don’t just jump in. Read the fine print pertaining to these tempting extras.

Car Rental Know-how

Now about car rentals. Picking one is like choosing a best friend. Look closely at the car rental companies and company’s requirements. They might pop an IDP requirement even if the country you’re touring doesn’t. Set age limits, extra fees for crossing borders and other hidden speed bumps may be waiting for you. My trick? Learn all you can before you take off. Remember, knowledge is power.

Countries have varying rules about where you can take the rental car. Do your homework and things will be easier. You’ll see, even car rentals in a foreign country can shine.

Special Cases

Some scenarios are rather unique, like our brave military staff stationed overseas, folks from US territories, or motorcycle enthusiasts. These interesting characters can get an International Driving Permit (IDP). There are only a translation a few twists and turns to navigate, and we’ll do it together.

Military and IDPs

If you’re a dedicated member of the US military, serving abroad, getting your IDP takes a slightly different route. You might need a bit of homework on things like license validity and extensions. Don’t fret if your license expired; there’s a way around it.

Are you away serving the country? No stress. You can renew your local license online or by mail, depending on your DMV region’s rules. Some offer DL236 cards too, a handy solution for expired license holders, showing that they had a valid one until it expired.

US Territories and the IDP

If you’re popping in from Puerto Rico or Guam, guess what? You can hold an IDP! Just meet the basic eligibility for a fine start: be 18 or older and hold a valid driver’s license—US licenses do count.

To get the IDP, just head to AAA. Meet the requirements, and presto! Armed with an IDP, you’re all set for a smooth ride on foreign roads.

Motorcyclists, Roll In!

Bikers, we see you! To get an IDP, simply check “motorcycle” on the form. Show your US motorcycle license, and you’re good. Your IDP will evidence your skills handling motorcycles and standard vehicles. Neat, huh?

The Real Deal About Driving Abroad

Heard of International Driving Permits (IDPs) and Inter American Driving Permits? They are your pass to legally cruise in other countries! Picture them as a passport for your driving abilities. Just show you’re a licensed driver back home, and off you go, exploring foreign roads. But wait, not all permits have the same value! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

IDP vs. Driver’s License: Spot the Difference

Here’s where heads start scratching. International Driver’s License and International Driving Permit—so alike yet so different! An IDP is like an accessory to your regular license. Essentially, it is international driver’s licenses an official translation, your key to the international driving kingdom. And guess what? No tests or forms, you’re set!

Meanwhile, International Driver’s License? Not as glamorous. It’s unrecognized everywhere—no exceptions. Bear in mind, for driving overseas, your original license paired with an IDP is the winning combo.

Be Wary of Fakes

Now, here’s a pro-tip. When getting your IDP, watch out for scams. There’re fake vendors selling counterfeits that are as good as garbage. You don’t want trouble in paradise, do you? Always stick with the reliable guys, like AAA or AATA.

And the best way to remain scam-free? Check out the AIT/FIA approved directory. It’s your one-stop guide to all the legit permit issuers. Follow this, and your overseas journey will be smooth sailing!

Quick Recap

So, let’s sum it up. When you’re ready to explore the roads outside your home country, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is your best friend. It gives you the right to rent cars, and acts as an extra ID.

Have your state-issued driver’s license and IDP handy at all times. Brush up on the local traffic rules and customs before you rev up. And most importantly, stay clear of scams.


  1. How soon can I grab an international drivers’ license in the US?

Buckle up, drivers! If you’re a U.S. driver who’s 18 years or more and had a valid license for at least six months, you’re good to go! It usually takes 15 days to process an international drivers’ license. Need it faster? They can expedite it in one or two business days.

  1. Can I drive abroad with the same country as my U.S. license?

Off to an international road trip? Most foreign countries will accept U.S. licenses. But, Canada and Mexico don’t. In some places, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Visit a AAA branch and secure one. If a foreign nation doesn’t accept our U.S. licenses – an IDP comes handy!

  1. What’s an IDP and why do I need it?

Adventure awaits, let’s pack you an IDP. What’s it? A super helpful international driver’s permit, that translates your credentials into 10 languages! It clears language barriers when dealing with officers. Besides, it’s affordable compared to other options. So, grab an IDP before you fly!

  1. I’m ready! How can I get my hands on an IDP?

Eager to start? Awesome! Head over to your local AAA or AATA office to apply for an IDP. If you can’t make it there, mailing the application is a good option.

  1. How long is my shiny new IDP valid for?

Once you get an international driving license, it’s valid for three years. Remember, you decide this time frame during your local international driving license application process.

So, fellow drivers, that’s the scoop on international driving permits. Don’t forget these tips when planning your next worldwide adventure.